Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New blog: JPEG 2000 at the Wellcome Library

There is very little useful, practical advice available on the implementation of the JPEG 2000 image format. In order to share our own experiences with JPEG 2000, we have set up a dedicated blog.

The Wellcome Library is committed to using JPEG 2000 as its archive and access image standard for its digitisation programme, as mentioned in an earlier post. Since this decision was made last year, we have commissioned a report, attended various seminars, met with experts, tested compression levels and conversion tools, and initiated the JP2K-UK Implementation Working Group.

The blog will chart our experiences with JPEG 2000 to date (we have a little way to go before we catch up) and will be regularly updated with our progress as we continue to develop our workflow. Look out for interesting titbits on JPEG 2000 in general, as we continue to learn and explore the practical application of JPEG 2000 formats, features and software tools.

The blog is also available via our new Twitter account, Wellcome Digital.

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