Friday, June 18, 2010

A trip to Hollingsville

Currently being broadcast on Resonance FM is Hollingsville, a series in which each week writer Ken Hollings and guests explore “different aspects of our historical relationship with technology, from architecture to bodies and from computers to phantoms”.

Last week, the episode ‘Wounds: Blood on the Street’ featured as guests the crime novelist Cathi Unsworth and the Wellcome Library’s Research Officer, Ross MacFarlane.

The episode was broadcast live but is now available as a podcast from the Resonance FM website. It includes the guests discussing such topics as Wound Men illustrations, changes to the understanding of anatomy through time, the roles of ‘resurrection men’ in the history of London and what makes for a ‘murder city’…

Details on the other 'Hollingsville' episodes are available from Ken Hollings's blog and the Resonance FM website.

Image: Illustration of a Wound Man, showing a figure man afflicted with numerous injuries, including a snake bite, a dog bite, a club to the head and various knife wounds, cuts and bruises, c.1675 (MS.990)

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