Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wellcome Library workshops

This week’s free Wellcome Library workshops are:

Making the most of my library: the Wellcome Library catalogue and how to personalise it

Perplexed by the Library catalogue? Find what you're really looking for! In this workshop you will learn the most effective way of searching the Wellcome Library catalogue and the best strategies for finding the resources you need. You'll also discover what you can do with your Library Account, and what it can do for you.
Tuesday 14th June, 2-3pm

Wellcome Images
Do you need a picture? Find what you need from Wellcome Images: search 160 000 pictures online, covering the history of medicine and the history of human culture from the earliest periods of civilisation to the present day.
Thursday 16th June, 2-3pm

Our programme of free workshops offers short practical sessions to help you discover and make use of the wealth of information available at the Wellcome Library. Book a place from the library website.

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