Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food dilemmas

Food shopping. Like death and taxes, there’s no avoiding it.

Whether we like it or not, food choices have always been inextricably linked with class and morality. Our attitudes to food reflect underlying fears about changes in lifestyle, family and society as a whole, and food is a powerful tool for criticising the behaviour of individual consumers.

On the face of it, the complex judgements we face today when shopping look remarkably similar to those faced by 17th century consumers, revolving around issues like price, ethical sourcing, and nutritional content. But scratch below the surface and not all is quite as it seems, with very different belief systems coming into play.

This autumn, Wellcome Collection is holding three free events exploring the relationships between food, health and morality. On Thursday 29 September, join a panel of expert commentators to discuss contemporary food dilemmas in Bad Behaviour in the Kitchen. And for the 17th century perspective, come along on 25 October or 3 November to take The Cook’s Tour.

Put our events in your shopping cart for an affordable, nutritious and guilt-free consumer experience.

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