Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's on Amazon, but is it in the Library?

The Wellcome Library's quick search is great for finding out what we have if you're already on our web site. But what do you do if you find a book on another web site, like Amazon? Do you open up another browser and search for Wellcome Library? Not if if seems like too much bother.

Now you can search our holdings with one click without leaving the web site you're already on. Just use the Wellcome Library quick search bookmarklet.

Drag and drop the bookmarklet link to your browser's toolbar, or add it to your bookmarked favourites. It's immediately ready and waiting to help you.

Next time you're on a web site like Amazon which uses ISBNs in its URLs, click the bookmarklet and it will automagically look up that book in our quick search.

Have a try yourself:
  1. save the Wellcome Library quick search bookmarklet to your browser
  2. go to the Amazon page for 'Medical London: city of diseases, city of cures'
  3. click your newly-saved bookmarklet to be taken directly to the Wellcome Library's record
Even better - you now know you can read this book in the Library for free.

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