Thursday, September 1, 2011

New update to Wellcome Library’s quick search

The Wellcome Library’s quick search (also known as Encore) now has a new,cleaner look and feel.
Our quick search helps youby giving you one place to search across and dig into the WellcomeLibrary’s collections. 
These new features can help you:
·        pop-out facets for quick selection

·        advancedsearching
o       define your search more tightly right from thebeginning
o       youu can still edit your search later using the facetsuggestions to the left of your search results

·        see your recent searches and the titles youhave viewed
o       easy to see what you’ve already searched
o       easy to rerun your search
o       track what you’ve already looked at

·        conveniently request items from our storesdirectly from your list of saved records
o       request everything you want in one go
o       you can still request items individually, too

·        email, request orexport the whole list from one place: yourlist of saved records. Or choose to do so with just a few records saved in yourlist. It’s up to you!

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