Friday, February 17, 2012

Saving Energy in Agricultural Activities

Pumping out water
There is a potential of about 25% to 35% improvement in the efficiency of these pump sets by affecting minor/major rectification and shifting to ISI marked pumps.
  • The larger valve helps to save electricity / diesel because less fuel and power is needed to draw water from the well.
  • The fewer the no. of bends and fittings in a pipe, more the electricity saves.
  • Sharp bends in the pipe leads 70 % more frictional loss than standard bends.
  • A farmer can save 15 liters of diesel every month simply by reducing the pipe height by 2 m. The pump works more efficiently when it is not more than 10 feet above the water level of the well.
  • Use good quality PVC suction pipe to save energy and save electricity up to 20 %.
  • Apply oil and grease to pump set regularly as recommended by the manufacture.
  • To improve the power factor and voltage use ISI marked shunt capacitor of right capacity with motor. This will also save the electricity.
  • Switch off the light of well in the day time.

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