Sunday, April 8, 2012

Did dinosaurs live in water?

LONDON: Palaeontologists have for long maintained that all dinosaurs lived on land. While some of the giant ancient birds might have been able to wade or paddle through water, they did not live in oceans, lakes, or rivers.

Yet, a leading scientist has come up with a different theory - he claims that dinosaurs were too big and heavy to support themselves on dry land and must have lived in water. According to professor Brian J Ford, the prehistoric creatures "just don't work" in the way palaeontologists have understood for decades.

He believes their tails were too large and cumbersome for them to hunt or move with agility, and said they could not have consumed enough food to sustain their energy needs.

He claims they must have lived in water where their environment would support their bulk successfully.

"Every time you see these images, they are always the same. These huge dinosaurs crunching across arid deserts holding these huge tails erect as they are looking around for prey. It makes no sense. Just imagine that the landscape was water - it suddenly makes sense. This huge tail is buoyant, floating in the water. It becomes a swimming aid. Suddenly his environment is sympathetic to him," 'The Daily Telegraph' quoted professor Ford, a scientist, broadcaster and lecturer, as saying.

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