Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nasa robots found signs of life on Mars in 1976?

BOSTON: A recent study by four scientists has revealed that Nasa's Viking missions in 1976 could have detected life on Mars.

Their findings which has already triggered a lot of controversy in Nasa and other space groups has been published in the current issue of the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences brought out by the Korean Society of for Aeronautical and Space Sciences.

The authors of the paper are Giorgio Bianciadia, Joseph Miller, Patricia Ann Straat and Gilbert V Levin. Their finding assumes significance in the context of an earlier statement by Nasa 36 years ago that the Viking missions failed to detect life on the Red Planet.

Their research was based on a mathematical analysis, but till late Friday evening Nasa had not responded to the discovery. According to the report, a mathematical analysis of the samples found that the salts in the soil on Mars has "thrown off " initial estimates indicating that there was strong evidence of microbial life.

It says that the new analysis looked for what is known as "complexity" in the Martian samples. The scientists decided to reassess the Viking samples because of the discovery of what are known as "perchlorates" in the soil at the landing site of another Mars lander in 2008.

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