Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ciaran, the first Kid to Undergo Trachea Transplant

Medical world is really moving forward now. There are so many new inventions and improvement in this field that will certainly have great impacts on saving people’s lives. You might ever hear about transplant before. It is a medical procedure for planting organs, whether it is a real organ from donor or a synthetic one, to a patient that has dysfunctional or abnormal organ. The procedure itself is extremely complicated so it has to be handled by a team of professional doctors. You can imagine that this procedure is sort of dangerous for even adults but for children? Two years ago, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children became the first hospital in the entire world that handled stem-cell trachea transplant for first child. His trachea had to be removed and then replaced by a windpipe from a donor. Although it was very risky, the procedure went very well and the child, named Ciaran Finn-Lynch has a lot of improvement after two years ago underwent the transplant. He got the transplant on 2010 when he was 10 years old and now he can breathe normally and carry out a normal life just like other teenagers at his age. GOSH is a credible hospital for children and to become that is not easy because they have to have real professional doctors in the field and also having good nursing jobs is also pretty much required.

There will always people that have generous hearts especially when it comes to children and if you are one of those people, you can also give a lending hand by donating. You can donate to charities that are held by this hospital and sponsored by it. Your help, whether it is little or much, will really help the children that are not as fortunate as us. And also we have to protect our kids and make them to stay healthy because they are the ones that will replace us in the future.

The Yule ball is upon us and you want to help some people especially children that need some help from us, GOSH will facilitate you by providing charity gifts that you can purchase online. By purchasing these Christmas gifts for your love ones, you are also helping others by donating to the charity through the profits collected. Great Ormond Street Hospital for children also provides some charity Christmas cards that you can use to purchase your selected Christmas gifts.

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