Thursday, April 18, 2013

Math Tutor to Help with Math Home Work

When you have math assignments you might get into trouble to finish it as soon as you want. That is because math is a hard subject which can drag your score down. Math is just the culprit when it comes to bad score. Many students have a good ark when they get home works from their teacher but when a math homework is coming then it is a checkmate. They will need quality math tutors to help you with this problem so that you can overcome your math problem safely. When you have to face formulas and questions in math you simply get so confused. Math formulas never seem as simple as you see it since it is so hard to apply the formulas if you have not used to it. If by any chance you have to face this situation then you need a tutor to help you. A math online tutor will be convenient enough for you since they will be able to give you some suggestions about your home works. This service is faster and more practical for your need.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get Assignments Done on Time with Term Paper Service

It’s sometimes hard to do essays, or even papers that my lecturer gives me to do as assignments. There are some problems that may affect this. Sometimes the assignment is just too hard because I don’t know how to do it so that it will be impossible to finish it. When this time comes I feel so miserable since I don’t know what I should do to get my assignment fully done. Fortunately, when I look for some data in the internet I get to know a term paper service that can help me to do my assignments.
At first, I don’t feel so sure to use this service since the assignments that should be done I so hard which is even me feel confused to finish it. I look for the reviews and quotes from people who have used this service for their assignments. They give such assuring quotes that convinced me to take this service for the first time so that my assignments will be done in no time. As I know, there are many people join in this term paper service to do any kinds of writing assignments that their clients ask to do. With some experts do the assignments for students, and then it will be reasonable that the result will be as fabulous as what experts should do.

Not only that, these experts have done this job for so many years so that they have become much experienced in doing such writing assignments and they have known how to make any writing assignments seem to deserve an A. By getting this writing service to help in doing writing assignments then I can do any other activities out of my assignments without have to worry about my assignments anymore. It’s really troublesome if the lecturer gives very short time to let us done our assignments so that it troubles the schedules that have been set so long ago.

For example, I have ever neglected my schedule to do the job that has been assigned for me. It was a chaos that time, and it will be really bad for my work profile if the listed it in my recommendation letter. I decide to get a solution so that later there won’t be such incident happens again even when I can’t or don’t have enough time to finish my assignments. Now that I have gotten the help from a writing service company that can do my assignments for me then I will be able to finish my job whatever the condition is.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ciaran, the first Kid to Undergo Trachea Transplant

Medical world is really moving forward now. There are so many new inventions and improvement in this field that will certainly have great impacts on saving people’s lives. You might ever hear about transplant before. It is a medical procedure for planting organs, whether it is a real organ from donor or a synthetic one, to a patient that has dysfunctional or abnormal organ. The procedure itself is extremely complicated so it has to be handled by a team of professional doctors. You can imagine that this procedure is sort of dangerous for even adults but for children? Two years ago, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children became the first hospital in the entire world that handled stem-cell trachea transplant for first child. His trachea had to be removed and then replaced by a windpipe from a donor. Although it was very risky, the procedure went very well and the child, named Ciaran Finn-Lynch has a lot of improvement after two years ago underwent the transplant. He got the transplant on 2010 when he was 10 years old and now he can breathe normally and carry out a normal life just like other teenagers at his age. GOSH is a credible hospital for children and to become that is not easy because they have to have real professional doctors in the field and also having good nursing jobs is also pretty much required.

There will always people that have generous hearts especially when it comes to children and if you are one of those people, you can also give a lending hand by donating. You can donate to charities that are held by this hospital and sponsored by it. Your help, whether it is little or much, will really help the children that are not as fortunate as us. And also we have to protect our kids and make them to stay healthy because they are the ones that will replace us in the future.

The Yule ball is upon us and you want to help some people especially children that need some help from us, GOSH will facilitate you by providing charity gifts that you can purchase online. By purchasing these Christmas gifts for your love ones, you are also helping others by donating to the charity through the profits collected. Great Ormond Street Hospital for children also provides some charity Christmas cards that you can use to purchase your selected Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Overview of Homework Service

Giving the best education for our kid is all we want. But sometime, registering our children to a good school is not enough. Our children need additional time in observing the lesson out of the classroom. Hiring homework service is highly recommended for us to give them additional assistance. There are some services offer homework assistance for our children that we can find in a website-based assistance. It is highly beneficial and cheap enough. It is one of the biggest results of the development of internet. Along with the development of internet, we can find almost everything we need involving what make our children get better rank in their education.

Online homework service is also called with online tutoring. This is a service that offer assistance focused on education field like homework assistance and writing service that usually called with custom paper writing service. This kind of service has great benefits that will make our children getting the proper assistance in solving their problem in a certain subject. With this kind of service, we don’t need to make appointment with tutor and then traveling a long way to an approved place and waiting for our children in the process of tutoring. It must be a hard thing to do for some busy parents as they have to deal with the daily businesses and other activities. We need more simple way to give our children good education without having trouble with time sharing. Online tutoring can be a good answer for it. It is perceived as the most flexible ways that we can opt. with this kind of service we don’t have to do all the hard things as mentioned above. It is what we call easiness and flexibility.

There are so many services on the net that give special offer to the client. They are ready to give assistance to almost all subjects that our children have like math, physic, biology and other subjects. To get the best service, we need to be more careful as not all of them will fit to our children need. The first thing that we can do before hiring the service is determining the need of our children. For example, if our children have problem in math, we need to hire the service that has good tutor in this subject. Tutor is the most important aspect of our children’s succeeds in solving their problem in a certain subject.

To find the service that will fit to us and our children, we can read the reviews of the service on the net. From the reviews we can take basic knowledge of the service and we will able to know what is offered by the service.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cambridge graduate wins Nobel Prize in medicine

Elizabeth Blackburn, an alumna of Darwin College and a recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the University earlier this year, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine. Professor Blackburn, along with Carol Greider and Jack Szostak, has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for her research on telomerase, an enzyme she discovered in 1985 with her then PhD student Dr Greider. Telomerase, which adds DNA to the ends of chromosomes in cells, plays a key role in cancer development and has been the focus of much cancer research since its discovery.
Professor Blackburn is an Australian citizen, who earned her BSc (1970) and MSc (1972) degrees from the University of Melbourne, and her PhD (1975) from Cambridge, where she was a student at Darwin College. She did postdoctoral work in molecular and cellular biology from 1975 to 1977 at Yale, joining the faculty of the University of California at Berkeley in 1978, and moving to University of California, San Francisco in 1990 where she is currently Professor of Biology and Physiology. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1991), the Royal Society of London (1992), the American Academy of Microbiology (1993), and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2000). She was elected Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences in 1993, and was elected as a Member of the Institute of Medicine in 2000. The University of Cambridge has more Nobel Prize winners than any other institution. Including today’s announcement, there are currently 84 affiliates of the University who have won the Nobel Prize since 1904. They have won in every category, with 29 Nobel Prizes in physics, 24 in medicine, 19 in chemistry, seven in Economics, two in literature and two in peace.

Diabetes drug improves survival from life-threatening infectious disease

Scientists have identified a diabetes drug which halves the mortality rate of a deadly infectious disease found throughout Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. Melioidosis, caused by a soil dwelling bacterium (Burkholderia pseudomallei) that is present in certain regions of the world, results in severe infections include bloodstream infections and pneumonia. Death results in up to 40% of affected individuals despite antibiotic treatment. New research by a multinational team from the United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore and The Netherlands, however, has found that people taking the diabetes drug glibenclamide (called glyburide in the US) have half the mortality of other patients with melioidosis.
The investigators were supported by the Wellcome Trust Thailand/Laos Major Overseas Programme to study 1160 patients with melioidosis in northeast Thailand, and found that death from melioidosis was only 28% in diabetic patients taking glyburide, compared to a mortality rate of nearly one half in other patient groups including those on other diabetes medication and non-diabetics. A study of white blood cells from people taking glibenclamide, performed by collaborators at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, also showed less evidence of activity relating to inflammation. “Roughly half of all patients with melioidosis have diabetes as a risk factor,” says Dr. Gavin Koh, an infectious diseases doctor at the University of Cambridge and first author of the study. “Our Thai collaborators realised several years ago that diabetics are more likely to get melioidosis, but are less likely to die from their infection compared with non-diabetics. Our research shows that this improvement in survival is not an effect of diabetes itself, but of glibenclamide which is often prescribed to control the high blood sugar of diabetes.” Glibenclamide does not appear to have a direct effect on the bacterium, and researchers hypothesise that its benefit comes from modulation of the human immune response to infection. This raises the important possibility that it might have the same benefit in people infected with other pathogens. “Glibenclamide cannot be given safely to people who present to hospital with severe bacterial infection who are not diabetic,” cautions Professor Peacock, Professor of Clinical Microbiology in the Department of Medicine and senior investigator on the study, “but we hope that our findings will result in further research to define the mechanisms by which the drug increases patient survival, and to the development of related drugs that share these mechanisms but that do not lower blood sugar levels and can be given safely to all patients with severe sepsis.” The study was funded by the Wellcome Trust of Great Britain and was published online by Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Project to improve radiotherapy planning

A collaborative project between physicists, oncologists and computer scientists at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, launched last month, will develop improved tools for the planning of high precision radiotherapy. Accel-RT will also help overcome time constraints that currently limit the use of complex radiotherapy treatment. Radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is an essential part of cancer treatment and is used in the treatment of 40 per cent of all patients who are cured of their disease. All radiotherapy treatments work by the application of ionising radiation to malignant cells in tumours. The free radicals released by this process damage the DNA of the exposed tissue, killing off the cancerous cells. By targeting the radiation to the tumour, the damage to surrounding healthy tissue is minimised.
Modern radiotherapy machines can now deliver highly targeted radiotherapy treatment. However, the use of high precision radiotherapy techniques is extremely demanding in terms of hours spent, from the physician who defines the tumour target and healthy tissues, to the physicist who has to calculate a plan of optimum beam angles and trajectories for the treatment, and the radiographer, who must ensure that the treatment is delivered accurately to the target every day during a six or seven week course of radiotherapy. Accel-RT is an innovative partnership between oncologists, physicists and computer scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Over the next three years the collaborators will develop software tools and processes that will speed up the process of planning of radiotherapy. Once completed, free software tools will be available to radiotherapy treatment centres. These tools will increase patient access to high precision radiotherapy by reducing the bottle-necks in the clinical workflow. The system will operate as a ‘virtual oncologist’, observing what the oncologist is treating and using novel search algorithms to recall similar cases from a clinical archive. Models of tissue structures will be used to help outline normal tissue automatically, as well as to track the movement of these structures during the course of radiotherapy treatment. Accel-RT is being funded by the Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC), through its Innovations Partnership Scheme, and will benefit from the support of Siemens Healthcare, a leading supplier of imaging technology and radiotherapy treatment devices throughout the world. The key players in the project are established leaders in their fields. At the University of Cambridge, Dr Neil Burnet has been an ‘early adopter’ of novel radiotherapy technologies at Addenbrooke’s, from the commissioning of the first in-house 3D computerised treatment planning system, through to the evaluation of the TomoTherapy image guided intensity modulated radiotherapy system conducted for the Department of Health. At Oxford University, Professor Jim Davies and his team from the Department of Computer Science have experience in the handling of ‘smart’ data systems – using metadata elements to allow data to be searched and processed in more intuitive ways. Professor Andy Parker and his team at the High Energy Physics group in Cambridge have extensive experience in the storage and handling of large quantities of image data, and the use of grid computing techniques to accelerate this process. “In essence, Accel-RT is helping to identify tumours and surrounding organs during the planning and delivery of radiotherapy treatment. Tracking the change in position and volume of these structures is a complex problem. To perform these calculations in real time for a single patient would require up to 16 Teraflops of processing power – approximately 100 times the power of a standard PC workstation,” said Professor Parker, who is Professor of High Energy Physics at the Cavendish Laboratory and Principal Investigator for Accel-RT. For more details about the project, and to register for project news emails, go to

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